For this week's DJ Spotlight, get to know the people behind Members Only. Check it out every Wednesday night at 9PM.

My name is Thomas Quinn. I am a 25 year old aspiring journalist, rapper, music producer, podcast host and radio host in his first year of Journalism at Concordia. I am a strong believer in progressive politics and holding truth to corruption. My show is called Members Only and I co-host alongside Shanellie Desparois. It is a talk show about life where we tell stories and give our opinions on a number of topics. We try to give each episode an overall theme that changes on a weekly basis.

Hi, I am Shanellie Marie currently and Im first-year Journalism student who am I? In short, passionate in creating music, film and content that influences people- small girl big DREAMS :D My show is called MEMBERS ONLY, so you gotta be a member!! Our show is basically two people with strong opinions ranting and rambling about EVERY and ALL SUBJECTS (we don't hold back!) we also play fire BEATS at the same time!