DJ Mana

DJ Mana broke out on the scene in 1993 at the young age of 13 DJing House music at parties. Seeing his friends scratching on the turntables brought out his competitive side, so he started competing in DJ battles such as the DMC, ITF, KoolMix, and Vestax just to name a few. In 2007 he retired from battling and opened a DJ school for those who aspire to be grand wizards on the turn tables. During this time, he started producing beats working on little bits here, and now he has come up with his first of three EPs to be released "Cortical Transmissions" available on his Bandcamp and on iTunes.  

The Limelight (Saturdays 6-8 PM on CJLO) had an opportunity to talk with DJ Mana live on air and have him as our special guest DJ. We talked about his new EP, his views on DJ technology, and he graced us with his special scratch DJ skills. Listen to the full interview and his DJ set here!