Divided NDG council, Montreal manhood, Trudeau COVID-19

Hadassah Alencar
Maya Lach Adelbaum




NDG borough meeting 

There were several hot issues discussed at Wednesday’s NDG council meeting:

Councillors voted to close down police station 11 on Somerled and Kensington Avenue. 

Projet montreal councillor Christian Arsenault suggested the closure of the station would be beneficial for the community. 

He said shutting down the station and merging it with station 9 would increase police presence, especially at night.

Mayor Montgomery opposed the closure.

She presented a petition with 2500 signatures in support of the station staying in NDG. 

The Council also voted to revoke Stephane Plante’s suspension.

Mayor Montgomery suspended him after he refused to attend a meeting with herself and Annalisa Harris.

Harris is accused of psychologically harassing two city employees including Plante. 

He’ll be reimbursed for a little over a week’s worth of lost wages.

Montreal Men's Group

In other news, 

Montreal men are coming together to challenge common ideas about manhood.

Maya Lach Adelbaum reports.


Trudeau government announces $1B Coronavirus response plan

Ottawa will give half a million dollars to provinces for health care funding.

The package also includes an enhancement for Canadian businesses that experience a downturn because of COVID-19.

Hours after the announcement, the World Health Organization called the virus a global pandemic