Detainees launch hunger strike, Kahnawake no longer selling tobacco, China closes boarders

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Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso-Moro


Detainees launch hunger strike

Ten people detained in the Laval Immigration Detention Centre have launched a hunger strike.

They demand freedom. Strikers say they are not receiving adequate protection from COVID-19. 

That tape was released from one of the strikers Thursday afternoon, on day three of the strike.

Earlier this week, the strikers sent a hand-written petition for freedom to the federal Ministers of Health, Public Safety, Immigration and the Prime Minister.

Detainees in the immigration centre are commonly held for lacking identification or on route to deportation. 


Kahnawake no longer selling tobacco

Kahnawake has stopped selling tobacco products to outsiders amid fears of COVID-19. 

The Mohawk community south of Montreal, and Kanesatake to the west of the city have halted tobacco sales and asked outsiders not to enter their lands to buy alcohol.


China closes borders

As of Saturday at 12 A.M. local time, China is no longer allowing foreigners into the country. China is beyond the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

With only a handful of new cases being spread among citizens each day, China is shutting out potential carriers from abroad.

Wuhan, the birthplace of the Corona outbreak is still under quarantine, which is expected to be lifted on April 8.