CSU split on opt-out consultations, No tuition changes for online classes, Applications open for student benefit

Stories: Luca Caruso-Moro

Reporter: Shanellie Marie




CSU split on opt-out consultations 

Consultations with fee levy groups are expected to continue into next month. 

The Concordia Student Union was divided on a timeline when confronted with a motion to move forward in developing an online opt out system during this week’s council meeting.

Some representatives were eager to move forward, while others say they need more time to speak with fee levy groups. 

Fee levies are student groups which rely on per-credit funding from students, such as CJLO and The Peoples Potato. 

Many fear a system which allows students to withdraw funding online could force layoffs and cuts in services.

CSU General Coordinator Elect Isaiah Joyner sits on the consultation committee.


No tuition changes for online classes

Concordia will not be reducing tuition for the upcoming fall semester, which will be almost completely online. 

Tuition deadlines will be extended, and support services including virtual library access are expected to be more accessible. 


Applications open for student benefit

Students are now able to apply for the government’s student COVID relief program through the CRA’s website. 

The benefit will provide $1,250 to eligible students every four weeks.

$2,000 will be given to students with disabilities or those with children or other dependents.