CSU councillors get legal, All eyes on MI'KMA'KI

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro


CSU Councillors get legal 

CSU councillors got legal on Sunday night.

Hersh Filler, Sarah Mezhero, Matthew Benzrihem, and Isaih Joyner discussed complaints against each other with the Concordia Judicial board.

One of the complaints was against councillor Mezhero for allegedly misquoting Filler to the Link. 

According to councillor Filler, Mezhero told the student paper he had referred to George Floyd as, quote, dude, when talking about systemic racism.

Other councillors have come out against that alleged statement as insensitive. 


All eyes on MI’KMA’KI

Kahnawake community members gathered in support of MI'KMAQ fishers who have come under attack in recent weeks.

Fishing permit disputes have resulted in destruction of MI'KMAQ-owned fishery buildings and equipment by non-indigenous fishers.

People gathered to voice their support at Place Émilie-Gamelin at noon on Sunday.