CSU councillor to petition for media defunding, Quebec cases reach new daily record, Open letter calls for new McGill light rail stop to be named after Oscar Peterson

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Evan Lindsay & Luca Caruso Moro 


CSU councillor to petition for media defunding

Student union councilor Hersh Filler is expect to pettion to cut funding to Cjlo and The Link.

Filler presented the petition questions to council on Wednesday, allgeging the Link has been involved in smear campaigns against people who tried to bring the fee levy opt-out system online.

The counselor did not respond to Cjlo's questions to clarify what those smear campaigns were due to ongoing litigation. 

Filler will petition the questions to appear on the student referendum during the next council byelection.


Quebec cases reach new daily record

Quebec reached a new record for recorded Coronavirus cases over the weekend.

On Saturday, 1200 people tested positive in 24 hours. 

The day's increase has brought the total case count to over 92 thousand within the province. 


Open letter calls for new McGill light rail stop to be named after Oscar Peterson

Some of Montreal's most important figures in arts and culture are calling for McGill's new light rail station to be named after Montreal Jazz legend Oscar Peterson.

The communities open letter contains signatues from the black theatre workshops Quincey Armorer, Montreal symphony orchestra CEO Madeleine Careau and Montreal Jazzfest co-founder Andre Menard.

They believe the new station is perfect opportunity to commemorate Peterson. 

The station would take the name Centre-Ville-Oscar Peterson.

This is the third proposal to name a location after the musician. 

In June a petition was called for renaming Lionel-Groulx.

Ensemble Montreal also proposed to change the name of the Place Des Festivals as well in honour of Peterson.

Oscar Peterson has won seven grammy awards and is a member of the Canadian music hall of fame.