COVID-19 Updates, April Rent, Extended COVID-19 response

Anchor: Hadassah Alencar 



COVID-19 Updates

Mayor Valérie Plante is warning Montrealers that parks will close if social distancing rules are not respected. 

Police will issue tickets to those who meet in forbidden social gatherings. 

Public health authorities have identified 13 outbreaks in long-term care centres and seniors’ residences in Montreal.

Police have ticketed dozens of individuals, primarily in seniors residences, who are not following self isolation orders.

April Rent 

Quebec solidaire is requesting the Legault government to delay rent payments for up to 30 days. Legault has asked renters to be understanding.

The Quebec government has also ordered the Régie du logement to not accept any evictions during April.

The concerns stem from thousands of Quebecers who can no longer afford basic payments after losing their jobs.

Federal assistance will not arrive in time to pay rent.

Extended COVID-19 response

Ottawa predicts some measures to stem off COVID-19 will have to continue until at least July.

This comes from an internal government document obtained by the National Post.

Trudeau has not revealed any specific dates as to how long measures against coronavirus will last.