COVID-19 Update, Wu-Tang Clan Chips in for Food Bank

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso-Moro 



COVID Update

“If they want cash, we’ll pay cash.”


Those were the words from Francois Legault  in response to reports of the US outbidding countries and diverting shipments of medical equipment from China.

Prices are going up for medical supplies, he says.

The World Health Organization has been warning of equipment shortages since the beginning of March. 

Legault also announced 300,000 health care workers will receive temporary wage increases. 

Workers coming in direct contact with the virus will receive an 8 per cent bump in pay. 

As of Friday morning, there are  6,101 known cases of COVID-19 in Quebec, with nearly half of them in Montreal. 

61 people have died. 

231 people have recovered.


Wu-Tang Clan Chips in for Food Bank

In other news, The Ottawa food bank made 170 thousand dollars in 24 hours this week. 

A social media campaign drew in big name donors, including the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

After donating, the rap group tweeted out their support, writing they, quote, Appreciate Canada holding us down all these years.”