COVID-19 update, small business owners, homeless housed in hotels

Hadassah Alencar




COVID-19 update

Ottawa has announced a 2000 dollar per month payment for Canadians who have been let go of their jobs due to the coronavirus.

Those who have suffered a drastic decrease in their salary but are still employed, can also apply.

Meanwhile, Montreal records its first COVID-19 death as cases in the city increase to 603 as of Thursday morning.

Small business owners

Quebec is making 2.5 billion dollars available for small business owners.

Most of that fund will be loans and loan guarantees through banks.

Mayor Valérie Plante has also introduced a 6 month pause on capital and interest payments for some municipal loan programs.

The average cost for businesses that have shut down during this outbreak is 136,000 dollars.

Homeless housed in hotels

Homeless montrealers who have symptoms of COVID-19 will be tested and housed in hotels while awaiting results.

The Royal Victoria Hospital isolation unit is being prepared for the homeless who have coronavirus.

It is expected to be ready this weekend.