COVID-19 Cases Spike in Quebec, Virus Layoffs Grow, Olympics Postponed

Sasha Teman

Maya Lach-Adelbaum




COVID-19 Cases Spike in Quebec

Quebec has now reported a jump in its number of probable COVID-19 cases, now placing it at 628 cases. 

Despite the rapid spread of the virus in the province, work continues to be a top priority for grocery store owners and employees. Our reporter Maya Lach-Aidelbaum has the story.

Virus Layoffs Grow

Air Transat has had to lay off approximately 70% of its staff/workforce  in Canada, amid COVID-19 related concerns.

These layoffs account for about 3,600 people which includes all of its flight crew personnel.

Air Transat had been operating in an effort to repatriate as many people back to their home countries, following many government officials' decisions to close their borders. 

They were able to safely return more than 60% of their customers back to Canada as of March 22nd. 

Olympics Postponed

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics committee released a statement declaring that this year’s games will be postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

This announcement comes a day after Canada decided to withdraw its athletes from the summer games. 

Canada’s Olympic Committee stated that a global health crisis is far more important than sports. 

Another sporting nation which also refused to send its athletes to Japan amidst the pandemic was Australia. 

Although a postponement of the summer games could cost the country billions of dollars, COVID-19 was making it difficult for athletes to train given that gyms, stadiums and swimming pools around the world had begun to close.