Concordia ignores human rights tribunal, Pronoun mockery pushes councillor to resign, Increased police presence expect in Montreal

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro and Hadassah Alencar 




Concordia ignores human rights tribunal

Concordia will ignore the recommendations from the Quebec Human Rights Commission to change the way it handles sexual assault, according to The Concordian. 

In July, the university came under fire for it’s handling of an allegation of sexual assault from a student. 

The Commission criticized Concordia’s system of handling the allegation, calling the process overly rigid. 

The case will escalate to the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal… sources told Concordian News Editor and CJLO News reporter Hadassah Alencar.


Pronoun mockery pushes councillor to resign

Paige Beaulieu has resigned from the Concordia Student Union council. 

Beaulieu uses they/them pronouns. The Link is reporting the former councillor said an atmosphere of disrespect in the council pushed them to leave their post. 


Increased police presence expect in Montreal

You can expect more police officers at Montreal bars and restaurants.

On Friday, the province announced tighter security in areas where Coronavirus is on the rise. 

Police will be stationed around the city to enforce COVID-19 safety measures.