Concert Review: Sa-Roc @ Kalmunity Music Week

First and foremost, I must give the Kalmunity Music Week 2018 a standing round of applause for creating an excellent event with numerous artists from home and abroad spanning numerous genres.

As part of the week, the collective hosted a hip-hop night featuring Washington D.C’s own Sa-Roc (a.k.a Goddess MC), and she did what she usually does: put on a great performance.

A lil’ more about that after, because as part of that night, KVC had local Montreal artists represent by giving the crowd some hype performances to get them ready for Sa-Roc. We heard from Jahmal Whosane, who lit up the crowd with nice vibes of conscious hip-hop. We also heard from Sereni-T, a well-known artist that can spit bars that will make you wish you could rewind the whole track so you can listen to it again (unfortunately, it was a live event, so I didn’t want to bother her). She is also a regular performer at Le Cypher Nights, so you can catch her there if you haven’t heard her already.

New to me was Dix-iple Deca, whose great stage presence and wicked lyrics definitely had me bopping my head. We had the pleasure of hearing some songs from Sam.I.Am Montolla, whose singing style and voice are amazing; from the highs to the lows, her voice is so smooth. Alexander Basics, another new artist to me, was really nice, with a wicked flow and tight lyrics. Meryem Saci also graced the stage, giving the crowd some thumping R&B and hip-hop sounds.

We can’t forget the hosts of the evening keeping the night going smooth, Scynikal and Dshade. They did a great job hyping up the crowd with their energy and jokes in-between sets. Playing music that night was DJ Seriousblack, whose mix of old skool and underground was indeed music to my ears.

All that leading up to what we were all waiting for; Sa-Roc and her DJ, Sol Messiah. There are several female lyricists out there that have come to the forefront of being major players in the hip-hop scene and Sa-Roc is definitely one of them. She stepped on the stage and immediately showed us why she is one of the best out there today. She had the crowd bumping and vibing to every song. She was engaging which, as a fan, you appreciate. Her style and lyrics are on point, and you can tell that the crowd was really vibing to all she had to say. We had the opportunity to listen to one of her latest tracks “Forever”, which is a great song (and has a must-see video). All in all, Sa-Roc us took us on an amazing lyrical journey. Definitely looking forward to the next time she is in Montreal!