Concert Review: Majid Jordan @ MTELUS, Jan. 16, 2018

When I watch a Majid Jordan music video, I feel cozy—not the type of cozy that makes you want to crawl into bed, but the type that makes you want to crack open your finest bottle of wine, put on a mink coat, and snuggle with your significant other. I had the opportunity to speak with Majid Jordan before they hit the stage in Montreal, and even though they told me what to expect from the show and that their audio visual experience has been enhanced, I could not foresee the Blade Runner-esque dream state the duo would be able to create, and keep everyone in attendance drawn to.

Of course, no concert review is truly complete without first off giving a shoutout to the opening act. STWO started of the show with a great mix of both his older fan favourites, and his “new shit”, as he said himself. The deep bass and high-pitched vocal chops his fans know and love him for got everyone ready for what was to be the main act.

As soon as the lights came back on stage, Jordan was already in full effect on the keys, blue hair and all. He went in to a beatmaking solo that led into the intro cut of their sophomore LP, The Space Between. Majid then hit the stage in his yellow jacket, complemented by a very noticeable ovo owl chain. Right after singing “Gave Your Love Away”, Majid thanked the crowd for showing up in the cold weather.

The band progressed with their set, playing songs of both their newer record and their debut album A Place Like This. Crown favorite songs such as “OG Heartthrob”, “Small Talk”, and “My Love” really drew the crowd in, not only with their catchy lyrics and Majid’s great live singing, but also with how the background lighting fixture, in the shape of their logo, lit up in sync with the instrumentals. Majid pulled up the mic stand for “Decisions”, but quickly turned up when he sang “You”.

Spot-on lighting decisions and colour palettes played a major role in creating the relaxed feel that Majid Jordan’s music is known to induce. What stood out to me the most about the show was the chemistry both Majid and Jordan had on stage. Not once did Majid look at Jordan like “oh, we doing that one?” On the contrary, the both of them were in full sync, and gave the crowd what they came to see.

Check out our exclusive interview with Majid Jordan on SoundCloud below and watch out for a written piece on the interview coming out soon!