Concert Review: GoldLink @ L'Astral

After weeks and weeks of playing songs of his latest LP At What Cost, and falling in love with GoldLink's unique sound, I came to expect not a show, but a house party from the D.C rapper. Luckily for me and the sold-out crowd at L’Astral, he came through.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a house party without a few friends coming along for the ride. Masego came through as the opener with enough energy to single-handedly power the entire building. To make things even more interesting, he not only played the saxophone while his instrumentals played in the background, but he even brought his keyboard and beat machine on stage and recreated a few beats from scratch. Masego wasted no opportunity to dedicate his set to the ladies in attendance. He had his DJ play some of his favorite slow jams, making us all miss the early 2000s in the process. He danced and sang along to songs like “Slow Motion” by Juvenile, or “Glamorous” by Fergie. Masego even paid homage to the King of Pop by performing his best impersonation of Michael Jackson, and yes, the “Thriller” jacket came out.

By the time Masego got of the stage, everyone was ready for the man of the hour to hit the stage. GoldLink came out to “Hands on Your Knees,” a song that embodies the party vibe GoldLink captures in his music and is possibly the greatest intro he could ever use. He started off his set with “Dark Skin Women,” “Some Girl,” and “Rough Soul,” solidifying the notion that the show was very much dedicated to women. “Spectrum” was followed by “Meditation,” a record that will forever preserve the love GoldLink will receive from the Montreal crowd as it was produced by hometown hero Kaytranada.

Halfway through his set, I came to an important realization: more people were dancing rather than holding their phones up towards the stage. That simple fact is proof that the 24-year-old was successful in creating the house party vibe I was expecting. GoldLink took it step further by playing some of his favorite songs as well. Usher’s “You Ain’t Gotta Call” had everyone feeling nostalgic, while Waka Flocka's “Grove St. Party” got people dancing again. He followed the club banger with his own track, “We Will Never Die,” reminding everyone how aggressive his songs can be. He didn’t stick to that sound for long however, as he followed it up with “Her Side Story” and “Late Night,” bringing Mesago out again in the process.

Of course, GoldLink could not leave the building without playing his biggest record ever. “Crew” was played not once, but twice. The rapper went on to explain that Kaytranada was supposed to be in attendance, but was unfortunately in Miami. Regardless, I speak for everyone when I say GoldLink put on a an excellent show, worthy of the thunderous round of applause he received as he departed.

Image credit: Billboard.