Classic Canadian Metal Rocks Foufounes Electriques

Canadian speed metal legends Exciter delivered a set of heavy hitters at Montreal’s Foufounes Electriques  on July 8. The date kicked off a Canadian east coast tour, which saw the group take the stage in Quebec City, Toronto, and a few other places – wrapping up in St. John’s, Newfoundland, at the end of the month.

The Montreal date of the tour saw a number of opening acts take the stage before Exciter. These included hometown heroes Ashes of Eden, Mutank, and Ottawa’s Infrared. The opening lineup was fitting for the night but also offered a fair variety to the audience, Ashes of Eden playing a more melodic style while Mutank and Infrared played heavier, chuggier thrash metal.

After a lot of anticipation, Exciter took the stage, as the crowd clapped and screamed out loud. Much of the audience’s enthusiasm that night undoubtedly came out of respect for the headlining act, as Exciter were one of the staple early ‘80s metal bands in Canada during the genre’s cultural explosion. Their 1983 debut Heavy Metal Maniac still holds up against other heavy-hitting albums of the era, and stands as a beloved record within the metal community today, nearly 40 years after its release. This feat on its own is impressive, but the fact that Exciter are Canadian just makes it that much more special for listeners across the country.

Exciter have also managed to keep the majority of their classic lineup. Vocalist/drummer Dan Beehler as well as bassist Allan Johnson continue to take the stage, both members present on the band’s classic records from the 1980s. Guitarist John Ricci however, who wrote many of the band’s staple songs, is now replaced with Daniel Dekay of Diemonds and BangerTV fame. Although Beehler and Johnson still offer plenty of energy on-stage given how many years they’ve been in the business, the younger Dekay brought a fun and eclectic vibe to the band’s set.

The Canadian legends played a setlist tailored to fans of their old-school material. Speed metal anthems like “Iron Dogs,” “Pounding Metal,” and “Stand Up and Fight” were dished out to the audience in a blazing fury. Of course, the highlight of the night was “Heavy Metal Maniac,” the band’s staple song.

All in all, whether you’re looking to see a classic band from metal’s heyday perform, or you’re just a fan of metal music in general, Exciter are not a band to miss out on. Their songs are top-notch and they’re still delivering them with energy well deserving of your concert ticket. While their Canadian east coast tour has come to a close, keep an eye out for new dates and make sure to check out some of their classic records like Heavy Metal Maniac and Violence and Force if you haven’t already!


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