Tune in to Shibuya Crossing today, June 5th, as Montreal-based DJ Kazuki Koga joins us in conversation to talk about music, the city, his interests, and more - as the annual Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival continues to roll, where he will be performing with FLUCT, Ylang Ylang & Cosi e Cosi, Nothinge, & Ssurfacing this Friday June 10th at La Vitrola.

Hailing from Fukuoka in Southern Japan, Kazuki Koga is a Japanese musician who entered the world of electronic music back in 2009 after DJing at various clubs. Formerly active in Japan's Nu Metal scene, his adventures in electronica are very intense, emotional, and experimental, blending in the traditional rhythm while diving deep into the world of the unknown and unpredictable. You can experience such surreal ambience when you listen to available on his his latest release - The Salathé Wall in late 2015.

DJ Kazuki Koga is just one of the many musicians you will hear as our Third Season - and our entire series run here on CJLO enters into the final stretch - the final episode of this program happening in late July. Now is your chance to wake up to the rhythm of the Sound of Japan every Sunday morning as we have tons of sonic goodies, stories, and reflections to share - you definitely won't want to miss this adventure and many more coming to you right here on Shibuya Crossing - live every Sunday morning from 10 to Noon on 1690 AM in Montreal and on CJLO.com, and on demand at CJLO.com/shibuya!

As for Shibuya Crossing's Suoni coverage, stay tuned, as we will continue to cover the festival, including our own co-presentation show- Tashi Wada, Yoshi Wada, and Julia Holter + Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen Duo- June 17th at Sala Rossa (4848 St Laurent)! #CJLOxSuoni