#CJLOxSuoni: Today @ 4pm: Interviews with Willy Mitchell & Sipreano: curator of Native North America vol. 1

Tune into a special episode of Beyond the Black Rainbow today at 4pm, guest hosted by CJLO's World Music Director Kelly Belfo! We will be talking to some very special guests that are in town for the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival- singer-songwriter Willy Mitchell and Sipreano, AKA Kevin Howes, curator of the Grammy nominated Native North America Compilation Vol. 1., available on Light In The Attic Records. Tonight, Willy Mitchell will bring his powerful music to Casa Del Popolo (4873 St Laurent) with Beatrice Deer Band, Sipreano, and a screening of Court Métrage: "You Are on Indian Land" by Mort Ransen- CJLO is pleased to co-present the evening.

Willy Mitchell is a singer-songwriter who grew up on the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg reserve in Quebec. Mitchell began his solo career in the 1970s after playing in a band called the Northern Lights. Mitchell is well known for Sweet Grass Music, a songbook painting the tough but deeply poetic picture of the native experience. Beatrice Deer is an Inuk singer and seamstress who sings in both English and Inuktitut with an energetic passion, touching upon traditional folk and electric folk rock.

Last night, we were moved by Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback's performance at La Sala Rossa- another musician featured on Native North America vol. 1. A true artist, Thrasher brought us both tears of laughter, joy and sadness with his raw folk vision- reflecting themes of his life, culture, family and the environment. He spoke of his experience being taken to residential schools and reflected on the meaningful relationships of his life; whether with family, past bandmates, and many musicians he had met during his adventures- touring to bring indigenous music to wider audiences. Thrasher saluted these old friends, a lot, he said, who are jamming in the afterlife! Tune in to hear Kelly's reflections on a beautiful night of music, which was opened by Little Fire, a screening of Court métrage: "The Ballad Of Crowfoot" by Willie Dunn, and Sipreano on the decks.

Tune in at 4pm, to hear from Willy Mitchell as he prepares for Suoni tonight and Sipreano, to hear more about the process of compiling the Native North America Compilation vol.1