CJLOxJFL The Commonwealth Conundrum Live Broadcast Special

TUNE INTO THE COMMONWEALTH CONUNDRUM TONIGHT @ 6PM for a special broadcast live from Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival! Hosting the show tonight will be Rebecca Munroe from The Commonwealth Conundrum (Tuesdays at 6pm) along with Patricia Petit Liang from Fatal Attraction (Mondays at 11am). Together, they'll be conducting surprise interviews with some of JFL's finest performers! #JFLMTL

Give your Tuesday evenings a kick in the Commonwealths with Canadian Crackers, British Bangers, Aussie Rockers and Kiwi Karnage. The Commonwealth Conundrum is the place to hear indie, rock, alternative, punk, post-punk, industrial, and whatever awesome music is coming out of the Commonwealth countries. Every Tuesday from 6-7pm!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11AM-12PM to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!