Australian comedy group and YouTube sensations Aunty Donna took Montreal by storm with their outstanding 3 man variety show at The Mainline Theatre. People from all across Canada came to Montreal to watch Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane perform their incredible first show in the city. Aunty Donna’s super smooth moves captivated their audiences and it’s no surprise that they made the cover of this week’s Montreal Gazette!

Aunty Donna’s New Show is a wild celebration of comedy, dance, music and death-defying acrobatics. Aunty Donna’s sketches are vibrant, energetic and meticulously coordinated to electronic pop tunes. Sound designer and composer Tom Armstrong created an outstanding soundtrack for the show, taking the comedy group’s performance to  a whole new level! Their comedy is dark, charming, sexy, silly and 100% self-aware - with everything carefully thought out and choreographed. Aunty Donna’s New Show is unlike any other show you’ll see at the Just For Laughs Festival, pushing the boundaries of comedy to create something beautiful, exciting and profoundly surreal.

Bonanno, Kelly and Ruana are some of the smartest and hardest working performers in comedy. The trio’s New Show featured plenty of fun, original games and audience participation that made the evening feel really special. The trio cares deeply for their audiences and hilariously incorporates them into their comedy. One of their most controversial acts, involving a character named “Lord Whoopie” involves roasting hapless audience members by making them the butt of several fart jokes (pun intended). Aunty Donna were so charming that everyone in the audience enjoyed the silly fart jokes and had a great time.

Seeing Aunty Donna live is very different from watching their YouTube videos as the three cleverly work elements of theatre and loads of physicality in their New Show. Aunty Donna are constantly running, dancing and leaping across the room, contorting their bodies cartoonishly and unleashing their frantic energy for all to see. Aunty Donna’s raw passion, nerve, chemistry and talent are absolutely thrilling to see in person and will leave you in disbelief!

What are you waiting for?! Come watch them pretend to be Ellen DeGeneres, kiss each other and drink the Cordial in their New Show while you still can! Aunty Donna’s shows are an exciting experience you’ll never forget!

Don’t miss Aunty Donna’s last Montreal shows on July 26th, including All Access Live hosted by Mike Birbiglia at Club Soda located on 1225 St Laurent Blvd and Aunty Donna’s New Show at The Mainline Theatre located at 3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent!


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