After inspiring a bunch of CJLO shows to turn toward the darknessMetal March has officially wound to a close for yet another year. Now that Approachable April has begun, some of CJLO's heaviest shows are doing their best to reach out to the rest of the community, and lure unsuspecting victims listeners in through a cuddly rebranding initiative.

Last year, Sublime State of Doom, The Noisy Loft and Burnt Offerings took the leap, commissioning me to create logos for their shows that would attract new listeners. This year, three more shows from CJLO's metal lineup were up for the challenge.

Turn On the Darkness starts us off. The filament bulb and cute script makes this logo comforting and accessible for all ages. While the color scheme might be somber, what ultimately shines in this logo is the underlying environmental message that is so important to host Philiam


Next is Grade A Explosives, whose host Andrew was especially intent on conveying that his show isn't just about music, but also about blanketing the world with positive, loving messages. Bust out your Coachella flower crown, and have every atom of your mind blown!


Finally, Patrick from Into the Coven had only one directive: to show the world how fun and fashionable black metal really is! What better way to let people know than with this fresh, flirty new logo? His show's tie-in doll, Totally Trv Kvlt Barbarie is coming soon!

Of course, CJLO has several additional heavy shows that manage to stealthily hide under the red "rock/alt" label on the CJLO schedule, including mine. Who knows, perhaps some of them might be interested in a future rebranding?

Oh, and April Fool's!
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