#CJLOgoesPOP Top 5 Moments!

Another edition of POP Montreal has come to a close, and it was a good 'un, folks. As the CJLO team grapples with things like "sleep debt" and "real life", we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on some of our favourite moments of the festival.

The Power of Alison Mosshart at The Kills

The Kills played a real slick show last Wednesday at Metropolis. The set was heavy on new material from their latest album, Ash & Ice, as well as some well-loved older material, but honestly, they could have been playing radio jingles and I'd still be as transfixed by Alison Mosshart's enormous charisma. With her powerful and agile voice, sometimes a purr, often a weapon, Mosshart strode around the stage, whipped her hair, backbended, and had every eye in the room on her. The Kills without Alison Mosshart wouldn't get me out the door, but I'd pay good money to watch Mosshart sing her grocery list. All hail the queen. 

Crowd Participation at John Cale

I expected to be impressed by the venerable John Cale, but I didn't expect to have to so much fun. Backed by a crack band who seemed stoked to be playing with him, Cale got the crowd waving their arms overhead and a deeply ecstatic dance party broke out on the floor.

#NoFilter at Leif Vollebekk 

The most scenic show of the festival, Leif Vollebekk played on the roof of the Rialto three evenings in a row. Read the full review here.

Ad-Lib Genius at Psychic TV

After a solid set of of rumbling bass, hot guitar solos, and projections that brought me back to late '90s, Psychic TV returned to the stage after a longer than usual pause for an encore, but were shy one drummer (who I had seen slip out to the front door). Genesis Breyer P-Orridge began improvising a song "we used to have a drummer, he played with us all summer... Where's Edley?" Genesis plucked two full verses and a couple of choruses out of the ether before drummer Edley ODowd rejoined the band for two encores. But geez, that song made me giggle.

McClelland Brothers Rock Out

There is nothing I love more than seeing artists truly enjoy themselves on stage. These guys were having a ball. Read the full review here.

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Sue Snyder is the tall chick in the front row blocking your view of the band. She's also a belly dancer making unusual dances with her cosmic twin under the name Cult of Yes. Find her on the Twitter @Susie_Qc.