CJLO’S annual funding drive came to an end just a few days ago on October 31, and within the 11 days everyone partook in this drive, from programmers, to volunteers who helped at the events, and to those who donated of course, all had an important (and very cool) hand in far surpassing our goal of $5,500 and last year’s amount of $8270… with a record-breaking $10,166! 

This is certainly a funding drive to remember as it accentuates how strong the community over at CJLO remains, even in the most trying climates. It demonstrates the power and solidarity that exists in people selflessly coming together, and how nothing– not even the living crisis, can take that away from Montreal and CJLO 1690AM. The city is alive, and it’s largely due to organizations such as CJLO that keeps it breathing through upholding artists of all sorts. 

It’s not merely the donations that makes CJLO Montreal’s best radio station, but the close-knit community of this organization that keeps this city’s essence alive. A huge thank you once again to all the volunteers and their shows who relentlessly dedicate themselves to making CJLO the radio station it is, to those that aided in making this funding drive succeed, and to those who donated! None of this could’ve happened without you all. So, put on your dancing shoes and lets dance the blues, in honour of this year's record-breaking funding drive!!!