On Saturday July 20th, comedienne, singer, producer, and writer Tranna Wintour captivated Cafe Cleopatra with her stunning covers of Alanis Morissette songs. With piano and backing vocals by musical director Les Friesen, Wintour’s Dear Alanis: A So-Called Musical Comedy was a deeply moving emotional journey into Alanis Morissette’s complex inner workings.

Wintour gracefully explored the difficult themes of abandonment, perfectionism, self-esteem, neediness and spirituality throughout her performance. She addressed each topic with deep love, care, attention and masterful humor. It is always such an honor to witness Tranna Wintour perform. Her starpower is undeniable and she is one of the finest artists our city has to offer. Wintour demonstrated touching vulnerability and strength throughout the evening, creating a safe space for her audience to reflect on past relationships and missed connections.

Wintour shared hilarious stories about growing up with Alanis Morissette’s music between each of her musical performances. Each song and story weaved together so seamlessly, demonstrating Wintour’s powerful storytelling abilities. Friesen worked beautifully with Wintour, expertly mixing different Morissette songs together as well as incoporating a few unexpected musical surprises during their performance. Friesen’s outstanding musical stylings made Cafe Cleopatra feel like a 90s to early 2000s-themed jazz club.

After a well deserved standing ovation, Wintour and Friesen returned to the stage to sing Morissette’s classic track You Oughta Know off of Jagged Little Pill. The audience erupted in song as Wintour sang with all of the perfect Morissette-isms an Alanis fan could dream of. The stage lights sparkled like jewels on gorgeous Wintour’s silver blouse. It was such an amazing sight to witness.

Tranna Wintour is one of the most talented, hardworking and innovative artists our city has to offer! Don’t miss Wintour’s upcoming performances at The Early Evening Show with Robby Hoffman on Jully 22nd, Bonjour, Hi with Thomas Leblanc on July 23rd, SAINTE CELINE on July 25th, Inside the Closet with Matteo Lane and Emma Willmann on July 27th and Chosen Family Live on July 27th! You can also download and listen Wintour's phenomenal new album off of her bandcamp page for free here.

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