Second City Toronto’s She The People is an outstanding, intersectionally feminist sketch comedy show you absolutely need to see! She The People ran until July 27th at the Centaur Theatre, featuring powerful performances from award winning, multi-talented artists Ann Pornel, Ashley Comeau, Kirsten Ramussen, Paloma Nuñez, Tricia Black and Karen Parker. She The People will make you laugh, cry and reflect on the challenges women and gender non-conforming individuals are still facing in 2019.

She The People was one of the smartest, meticulously-arranged comedy shows at this summer’s Just For Laughs festival. She The People’s strong cast and wonderful director Carly Heffernan, musical director Nicole Byblow, stage manager Meg Meguire and choreographer Gillian Bartolucci really bring this show to life with incredible coordination and attention to detail. She The People is fast-paced, filled with thought-provoking, multimedia sketches put together with immense love, devotion and care.

She The People covers a wide range of topics, including becoming your own mother, celebrating your curves, the #Metoo movement, climate change, racism, stress periods, mercury being in retrograde and important current events you oughta know! Each sketch is written so perfectly and She The People’s performers honor each of the difficult topics they confront with beautiful performances. She The People incorporates dynamic physical comedy and hilarious musical numbers. Ann Pornel stands out gorgeously with her powerful singing and impeccable dance moves.

She The People is an incredible comedy show you can’t miss! If they come to your city, you have to see them perform. She The People speaks to women and gender non-conforming individuals in such an empowering way. There are so many moments from the show that I’ll be thinking about for the rest of this year!

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