CJLO @ JFL: Judah Friedlander: America… Still Number One

Judah Friedlander is taking Just For Laughs by storm with America… Still Number One! Friedlander challenges American exceptionalism and US domestic foreign policy while commenting on racism, sexism, gun control, climate change and health care in his unique solo show. Friedlander’s show is almost entirely crowd work, leading to amusing and unexpected surprises throughout his entire performance.

Friedlander is incredibly clever, quick as well as passionate about empowering and helping others. He regularly confronts white, male supremacy and urges his peers to do the same. Friedlander is a true American patriot, defending the rights of immigrants, the homeless, children, women, the LGBTQ community and countless others with his powerful comedic stylings. Friedlander is never afraid to share his beliefs and speak directly to audience members about their prejudices. Friedlander’s comedy is selfless, moving and thoughtful. So much empathy and research goes into each of his jokes and it is so humbling to see him fight for the rights and freedoms of others.

Chloé Hillard opened for Friedlander with an outstanding set. She spoke about her experiences while travelling as well as as a Black woman living in America. It was an honor to have Hillard share her stories with us at Cafe Cleopatra! She is such a delightful, energetic and charismatic performer and set the perfect mood for Friedlander’s show!

Friedlander’s passion for justice and peace is deeply inspiring and exciting. I hope that other artists can learn to be as inclusive and supportive as him. Friedlander goes to great lengths to make his comedy accessible for everyone. He is so remarkable and deserving of praise!

If you see America… Still Number One! make sure to have plenty of questions to ask Friedlander. It is so much fun to be heard and indulged by him! Judah Friedlander truly is a man of the people!

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