On Monday, June 22nd award-winning comedian Dave Merheje performed an amazing solo show at the Katacombes as part of OFF-JFL & Zoofest. Merheje’s performance came after several nights of performing in The Ethnic Show - running until July 25th. Merheje and his opening act Ali Hassan left the Katacombes reeling with some of the best stand up Just For Laughs has to offer!

Canadian comedians Hassan and Merheje received the warmest welcome from their Montreal crowd, filled with friends and loved ones. It was deeply moving to witness so many fans come to celebrate these beloved comedians. 

Ali Hassan is a Canadian icon and is best known as the host of CBC Radio One’s weekly comedy show Laugh Out Loud. It was such a privilege to see him open for Merheje. Hassan discussed difficulties navigating family, the culinary world and Montreal construction in his incredible set. As a Montrealer himself, Hassan knew exactly what to say about our city and won the audience over the minute he walked on stage. Hassan’s excellent thoughtful, comedic expertise knows no bounds!

Merheje gave an outstanding performance that audience members will likely never forget. It was so exciting to watch a full show dedicated to Merheje’s thrilling life experiences. Merheje discussed his intense love of hip-hop while fully dressed in Montreal-based rap artist Narcy’s SpaceTime album merch. Merheje has a powerful stage presence, channeling his self-professed anxiety into entertaining physical comedy.

Merheje is a wonderfully down to earth comedian and is never afraid to make fun of himself. His comedy is kind, inviting and relatable. Whether he’s joking about his parents, his adventures with ecstasy or his favorite episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - people adore him and identify with him greatly. Merheje channels beautiful vulnerability and positivity into his comedy, demonstrating great strength and consideration for his audience. 

Dave Merheje is an incredible comedian and his future is so exciting! Don’t miss the rest of Merheje’s fantastic performances in Montreal. He’ll be performing at The Ethnic Show until July 25th and at The Jim Jeffries Gala on the same day.

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