Monday July 22nd was the first of four performances at Café Cleopatra for Dan Soder’s Son of Gary show at the Just For Laughs festival and it’s subject matter is exactly what you want from a comedy show located in a strip club. Opening for Dan was fellow New York comic Anthony Devito, featured in The Ethnic Show, who started the show off with a bang, giving the audience a treat of two headliners for the price of one.

As Soder took the stage, he towered over the audience and spoke frankly about his life and more importantly, his family. Describing his ancestry as “20% white trash”, Soder allows an open dialogue on the challenges of the single mother that raised him to be the comedian he is today. The show’s title Son of Gary leaves the audience to believe that the show would put Dan’s father Gary on some sort of pedestal, however that’s exactly the opposite. Raised by his mother and grandmother, jokes are shared about both family members and Soder poses the question: is dark humor is socially accepted?

A self-identified “dumb person,” Soder paints himself as your everyday American with flaws like the rest of us; however the consistency of his punchlines let you know that you’re watching a professional comedian. With a refreshing take on drugs, aliens, and Lil Wayne lyrics, Soder blends the questions that your mid 30s bring - adding in silly anecdotes that push the message that it’s ok to laugh at life when things get stressful.

A warning must be issued, as a possible side effect of seeing this show may make Dan Soder one of your new favorite comedians. You can find Dan Soder in many shows while the festival is in town, especially Ari Shaffir’s Renamed Storyteller Show which he mentions during his set. Soder’s show can be found at Montreal’s “beacon of sin” for the next 3 days, so catch it while you still can, you definitely won’t regret it.

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