CJLO is looking for a hip-hop music director!

CJLO is currently seeking a hip-hop music director to oversee the hip-hop/rap/R&B portions of our music library, curate new music for CJLO, help DJs find music that would suit their shows, and help organize events centered around the genre. 

Responsibilities: → Compile spins and submit to chart publications (NACC, Earshot) → Ensure DJs have new releases at their disposal to play on their shows. → Recommending new and Canadian content to DJs → Set up interviews and in-studio sessions to provide interesting programming to CJLO’s listening audience, vary programming within DJs’ shows, and to spread the CJLO name across various “scenes” → Contacting new labels or artists when necessary to obtain new music for DJs → Maintain a minimum of 2-3 hours weekly office time, as well as time outside of the office hours. → Maintain a clean and organized office space and library section for your genre, making sure CDs get reviewed promptly and put into rotation in time for their Add date. → Maintaining the library of digital CD releases and keeping it as up to date as possible, as well as ensuring DJs incorporate digital releases as part of their programming → Maintain contact with CJLO DJs to ensure they are getting the most out of the content available, contributing to CJLO success, following CRTC rules and regulations, providing assistance when necessary to help them improve the quality of their program → Music Directors are CJLO’s representatives to outside parties, record labels, promotion companies, and artists. Your work sets the example and is what the station’s reputation outside of Concordia and Montreal. 

Requirements: → Wide knowledge of Hip-Hop music (and related genres) → Strong communication skills → Ability to manage time properly → Strong leadership, and team building skills → Familiarity with the Montreal music scene, Montreal’s multiple cultural communities, local events, & festivals → Previous knowledge of charting a plus 

Honorarium: $200 per quarter. Hours: 10 hours per month

Please send a resume and a letter of intent to manager@cjlo.com by Wednesday, August 14th, 11:59PM EST.