CJLO Invited to the First Annual International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland

CJLO is thrilled to announce a very special invitation to the International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland. CJLO was the only radio station in Canada to be invited the first edition of this event, and one of only three radio stations in all of North America.

The International Radio Festival celebrates the world of radio and sees a packed week of exciting programming showcasing some of the world's most popular music radio formats and groundbreaking radio shows, hosted by their national and international presenters. CJLO will be among more than thirty other radio stations of varying formats from around the world to broadcast a radio program as would be presented on the station's home airwaves. Radio programs will be broadcasted live from Zurich on Zürich Nord 95.7, Zürich Süd 88.2, via the International Radio Festival website, (internationalradiofestival.com), and on several Cablecom frequencies across Switzerland.

Attending the festival will be long time CJLO executives, Brian Joseph, Program Director and host of Phantastiq Cypha (Fridays 4-6pm), and Omar Husain, Music Director and host of Hooked on Sonics (Thursdays 6-8pm). The pair will be presenting a combination of their two shows on Monday, September 6th from 6-8pm Swiss time. Brian and Omar have also been asked to be among five key note speakers during a panel discussion on the state of international radio. Other delegates include East Village Radio in New York City, Udande Shanghai, Radio One India, 102 FM Tel Aviv, Ghetto Radio, Nairobi and many others.

This invitation comes at the third year anniversary of CJLO broadcasting on the terrestrial dial and as the station prepares to launch an extensive series of promotional events for the back to school period, as well as a community outreach program for high school students. CJLO is incredibly honoured to be selected to attend this prestigious event and it just goes to show the power that independent, campus media still has in a community predominantly dominated by commercial media. "The choice of radio stations spans both the musical spectrum as well as a cultural and informative one, bringing together all aspects of successful local and international radio that is available on today’s Airwaves" (IRF, 2010).