DJ Spacepirate hosts Burnt Offerings, the absolute worst show ever to curse AM radio. There he mostly plays brand-spanking-new Canadian metal, as well as other types of new Canadian metal. Sometimes he doesn't play Canadian metal from the past 3 months, such as Canadian metal from more than 3 months ago, or metal not from Canada but still from the past 3 months. He gets reduced rations when this happens.

Tune into Burnt Offerings every Sunday from 6 to 8PM!

 Hope you're doing well. Here is my DJ bio and picture. I kept it real short, hope it's what you wanted! I'm DJ Lady Oracle, host of The Limelight  on CJLO 1690AM alongside J-Nice since 2003.  It is the longest running hip hop show on CJLO 1690AM. I'm also a professional DJ and DJ for events such as Urban Science’s Le Cypher, Kalmunity Vibe Collective, Jazz fest, NDG Arts Week and more. When I'm not DJing or woking at my day job, I'm chilling with friends and family, doing Pilates workouts, meditating, cooking vegan food and watching Netflix.

Check out The Limelight every Saturday from 6 to 8PM, or link with them on Facebook and MixCloud!