Bonjour hi! I’m Clara, a visual journalism graduate diploma student at Concordia. I’m French, but did my bachelor’s degree at McGill and fell in love with Montreal, so after a 3-year hiatus, I am back for (hopefully) ever! My show is Never Techno for an Answer (sorry pun haters) – every Tuesday at 1PM, I take you on a journey to discover the latest music by international and local techno/trance/house DJs (with the occasional older song that I’m currently vibing with). If you ever come to CJLO while my show’s on, you’ll probably see me dancing in my seat ‘cause the beats are so good!

Virginia-raised Canadian Aviva is CJLO’s resident specialist in ~soft folky sounds~. Her show, The Alley, specializes in all things folk(ish) from great new artists as well as the icons that inspired them. She’s can often be found scribbling down concert reviews or on the hunt for neat band posters. Aviva studies Communications and Religious Studies at Concordia, so if you want to talk cults or folk revival, she’s your girl!