Who am I? I’m Orin Loft of The Noisy Loft, bringing you the loudest, angriest eclectic sonic mess this side of the Décarie!
What’s my show? Loud quasi-metal & hardcore. I take a look at some nostalgic bangers from the 00’s, contemporary and the local scene as a focal point. If it’s Mosh-able, I’m game. 

Patricia Petit Liang is the host of the surreal comedy talk show Fatal Attraction. She has been a radio host at Concordia University since the age of 16 and is now a Masters student in the department of Communication Studies. Fatal Attraction is Patricia's way of challenging stereotypes about Asian femininity, coping with loss, experimenting with self-care and sharing her favorite memes. Out of all of the characters from the cast of Fatal Attraction, Patricia identifies with Michael Douglas' character Dan Gallagher the most. Her dream is to one day star in a horror B-movie.