Hi! I'm Renita. I'm a musician, soundscaper, podcaster and lover of all things sound and storytelling. I'm also the host of my music talk show 5 Songs With. Each week, I play through 5 very different songs, and then explore the unexpected ways they connect. I play everything from classic rock to Bulgarian choral songs to Latin dance music and beyond on the show - you'd be surprised at some of the weird and wonderful ways things are interconnected. It's a rollercoaster of music history and trivia every week!

Metalcore lover and fan of moshpits, JP is a second year journalism in Concordia. Despite his frenchie sailor mouth, he contains himself while doing the Iron Club (@, which he co-host with Hunter and where people can hear some darken death metal one week and some pretty boys metalcore the next. If you see him, just don't tell him that core isn't metal enough, he has plenty of heavy material to show you that it is.