I’m a Sagittarius who loves discussing art and discovering new restaurants around town. Especially, discussing the philosophies of music over some cake and bubble tea. Although, I should probably save it for the radio show that I co-host with my Scorpio sister Lisa. Last Stop: This Song delves into our favourite tracks from various genres and scenes that we are dying to share with all those in radioland. We’ve explored new wave, post-punk, folk, techno, and many others to appreciate the power and the beauty that the songs truly have!

My name is Lou, I'm a grad student here at Concordia in my day-to-day. I consider myself a musician and a lover of food, comedy and taking nice long walks. But more than these, I love music for the soul. That's what Soul'd Out! is all about! On Soul'd Out!, I play songs usually within soul, R&B and funk styles but I'm known to throw in some folk, disco and worldly stuff into the stew. Genres are a construct anyway, right? Each week I either play a playlist of classics, new gems and local stuff or talk to other soul admirers and artists. If it's got a soul, it's on the show!