CJLO After School Program - Final Broadcast Now Available Online!

After ten weeks of workshops as part of the CJLO After School Youth Mentorship Program, our students from James Lyng, Marymount, Westmount, and Lauren Hill High Schools presented their projects live on the air!

The ten week program consisted of the students working with their CJLO mentors and learning about the ins and outs of broadcasting. Workshops included an introduction to radio, basics of broadcasting, live band recording, writing and reporting for the news, radio, podcasting and the internet, and copyright and ownership rights. With these tools, students worked in groups of two to put together 15 minute pieces on topics that are important to them. 

The program was funded through a grant awarded to CJLO by the Community Radio Fund of Canada. This is the first time in its two year on-air history that CJLO has been able to give something back to the community through such an extensive program. Our goal was to be able to provide quality training for community youth and attract the interest of students who seek to potentially consider broadcasting as a future career, as well as students who may have never considered such a career as a viable option. CJLO was thrilled to be able to make the tools of broadcasting available for any student interested and to open door that may not have otherwise been available.

Please join us in congratulating Maria, Mirco, Anthony, Alex K, Dylan, Joseph and Alex T for their hard work! In case you missed it, the final broadcast is now available online for streaming!