CJLO 2010 Diego Awards

It's that time of year again. School's out for the summer, the birds are chirping, the snow has melted, and it's time to honor the best of the best that CJLO has to offer. That's right, it's Diego Award time!

The Diego Awards Ceremony is CJLO's annual best of, and demonstrates the amazing talent that we have here at the station. Nominations range from best in each genre category to broadcasting excellence. We also give nods to our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to keep this place going!

Awards will be given out this Saturday at Les 3 Minots so keep your fingers crossed for your favorite CJLO show!

Here are the nominations:

The Welcome to the Jungle Award for Best New Show
* Runny Noise
* Eat My Country
* With Gay Abandon
* Blog Nation
* Break It Down

The CBC Award for On Air Professionalism
* New Media & Politics - Karl Knox
* The Go Go Radio Magic Show - Uncle Ian & Prince Palu
* Almighty Riff - Brennan Richer
* Purple Carrot - Anna Chigo
* Charts & Crafts - Rebecca Munroe

The Ol' Gil Award (Most Underrated Show)
* The J Spot
* Dirty Work
* Liberty In Exile
* Cut Your Hair and Get a Job
* Marvelous Darkness

The MAPL Award for Canadian Content (Canadian Only Shows & Talk Excluded)
* Pop Concordia
* Morning Mayhem
* Break It Down
* Cut Your Hair and Get a Job
* Eat My Country

CJLOL Award (Funniest Show)
* Countdown to Armageddon
* Grade A Explosives
* Pan African Hour
* Caribbean Callaloo
* The Reaktor

Defender of Rock
* Beyond That Graveyard III
* Go Go Radio Magic Show
* The Almighty Riff
* Dirty Work

The Radio 3 Award (New Music Supporter)
* Don't Mess With Dallas
* Blog Nation
* Countdown to Armageddon
* Break It Down
* Purple Carrot

The Phil Donahue Award (Best Talk Show)
* Liberty In Exile
* New Media & Politics
* The Onomatopoeia Show
* The Sports Grind
* The Main Event

The Yank Crime Award (Best Rock Show)
* Acetate Gratified (AKA The Subplot)
* Dirty Work
* The Reaktor
* The Go Go Radio Magic Show
* Radio Fun

The Niche Award (Best Specialty Show)
* Beats from the East
* Twee Time
* Marvelous Darkness
* Beautiful Music For Ugly Children
* Grrls Groove

The Kool Herc Award (Best Hip Hop Show)
* Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
* Blog Nation
* The Limelight
* Beats From the East

The Pete Tong Award (Best RPM Show)
* Go funk Yourself
* Haze World
* The Consortium

The Smelt Your Face Award (Best Metal Show)
* Countdown to Armageddon
* Turn Down the Suck
* Almighty Riff
* Burnt Offerings

The Lucky Dube Award (Best World Show)
* Caribbean Callaloo
* More Fyah
* Pan African Hour

The Oscar Peterson Award (Best Jazz Show)
* Right Place Wrong Time
* J Spot
* New Media & Politics

The Fox News Award for Excellence in Journalism
* Gareth Sloan
* Yael Ossowski
* Drew Pascoe
* Emily Brass
* Erica Fisher

The Riggs and Murtaugh Award for Best Team
* Ryan Rider & Steve Rockamaniac (The Main Event)
* Sasparilla & Sassafrass (Andrij Radio & Stefen Opryshko - Pan African Hour)
* Adam Avrashi & Kim Lamontagne (Sunnyside Up With Adam & Kim)
* Jay Nice & Lady Oracle (The Limelight)
* Raphael McKenzie, Gordon Weekes, and Pete Douglas (Caribbean Callaloo)

The Airwave Domination Award for Excellence in Guest Hosting
* The K-Man on New Media & Politics
* Andrew Grade A Explosives W on Countdown to Armageddon & Hooked On Sonics
* Brian Countdown to Armageddon H on Grade A Explosives
* Johnny Suck on BVST
* Simon Howell on Hooked on Sonics

The Bored and Wanting to Get Out of the House Award (for excellence in volunteer commitment)
* Patrick Meloche
* Kim Pringle
* Alex Menjivar
* Gareth Sloan
* Kayleigh Jordan-McGregor
* Eric Feliciano
* Sebastian Perry

Keener Award for Most Helpful DJ
* Johnny Suck
* Lachlan Fletcher
* Chris Seward
* Julie Matson
* Jessica MacDonald
* Kelly Kay
* Cecil
* Mike Vo
* Paul Brown
* Nassim Tabri

There will also be People's Choice awards for Best Show Promo, Best Show or DJ Blog, Best Dressed, Best Impromptu Haiku, Favorite Show, and Best Show Name.