Chez Doris Expansion, Nunavut's New Program, Haka Tribute

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Chez Doris is set to open an emergency building to offer permanent residence to vulnerable women.


In an effort to reduce the amount of women on the streets, the women’s shelter is preparing to open 26 unit apartments. The project is set to launch in 2020.


According to the Link, Chez Doris was able to acquire a new building for the project back in November after retired Montreal businessman Andrew Harper donated $1 million dollars to the organization.  


In the an interview with the Link, the director of Chez Doris Marina Boulous-Winton said, “women organizations are less supported. She added the City of Montreal has 900 beds for homeless men, compared to the 70 - 110 for homeless women.



Nunavut’s recently launched program aims to address and prevent sexual abuse of children.


According to CBC Indigenous, Our Children, Our Responsibility is a workshop designed by residents and stakeholders in Nunavut to educate adults on what to do if a child discloses sexual abuse, how to recognize the signs, and how to prevent abuse.


Participants of the program, shared their stories as well, learning new skills on how to tackle sexual abuse. ”When I was growing up there was no resources, no help, and I kept it silent. We have to protect our children,” said Diane Sammurtok, a survivor of sexual abuse.


The program is part of Nunavut's National Prevention Strategy Action Plan, Inuusivut Anninaqtuq. It was developed by Embrace Life Council, and it took nearly three to design the workshops.



That was the sound of the Haka tribute performance in New Zealand.


The outpouring support continues as the Muslim community in New Zealand reels from the loss due to a terrorist attack on two mosques.


According to CTV news, various groups around New Zealand are paying tribute to the 50 victims of Christchurch by performing the traditional haka dance.


One instance is the performance by Black Power, a prominent biker gang in the country.  Crowds surrounded the members with candles lit, as they mourned the victims from Friday’s attack.


The haka is a ceremonial dance in the Maori culture often performed at celebrations, sports events, and occasionally during funerals.