Champions of the Local Scene: New Media Artist Frances Mckenzie w/ Harley Smart from Anteism + "Borealis" Premiere: Wed @ 6pm

On this Wednesday's episode of Champions of the Local Scene- we are happy to bring you a jam-packed episode, full of creativity- fresh for this back-to-school season! We will have new media artist Frances Mckenzie in studio, telling us about her current indiegogo campaign: Glossed Over- her augmented reality book set to come out on Montreal publishing house Anteism. Harley Smart of Anteism will be in studio to tell us more about Anteism, whose catalogue includes an artist book by Adam Tullie & Devendra Banhart and collaborations with art gallery The Hole NYCGlossed Over will be Anteism's second augmented reality book. ('Augmented reality uses the printed page, hand held devices, inter-activity and digital content to fuse the gap between digital artists and the print and publishing industry. Augmented print is an innovation to the changing face of art books, extending how media art can be communicated and experienced'). 

Glossed Over will include drawings, animations, 3d pop-up objects and digital collages. Supporters of the indiegogo campaign will not only get an advance copy of the book, but other perks, like a banana latex sculpture mouth if that's your thing! Tune in to hear more about Frances' work, which includes art direction and co-ordination of Pop Montreal's Pop Shots. (listeners will also hear some of Frances' Pop picks!)

Finally, we will hear from Jonas Chernick, lead actor from Borealis, Sean Garrity’s Manitoba-set comedic-drama road trip movie starring veteran comic actor Kevin Pollak and teen superstar Joey King. Borealis is set to premiere on Saturday September 5, 4:30pm at Cinema Quartier Latin as part of the Montréal World Film Festival. 

All this and more, Champions of the Local SceneWed at 6pm, hosted by Saturn De Los Angeles of Shibuya Crossing- get tuned!