Champions of the Local Scene: EMAC, Smokes sessions, Reggie's launch preview w/ Nanimal! 6pm

Tonight we have a jam-packed Champions of the Local Scene! Tune in at 6pm, as we will chat with EMAC, the Electronic Music Association of Concordia! EMAC has been putting on events, meet-ups, and workshops this past year, often with dazzling projections- collaborating with eclectic local artists and festivals like Mutek. Tune in to hear some of EMAC's favourite electronic music from Montreal and to hear what's coming in 2016. EMAC is collaborating with the CSU and CJLO to co-present the grand re-opening of Reggie's, this Thursday night, Dec 10th, 8pm! At 11pm, EMAC members will bring the tunes, along with visual projections!

Thursday's show will also feature bands, including local favourites No Aloha and Nanimal. CJLO will be DJing and live broadcasting at the event from doors on, (8pm Radio Fun and 9pm The Belldog). We will be getting the stoke going early, live broadcasting Hooked on Sonics from 6-8pm direct from Reggie's! Expect full preview of the show, including interviews with Nanimal, No Aloha, and the CSU about the goals for Reggie's as a new campus space!

Back to Champs tonight, we will be catching up with Nanimal drummer Jeremy MacCuish around 6:45pm! Jeremy also is the drummer in Smokes, who recorded a live session in The Oven during Pop Montreal! Just after 6:30pm, we will chat with Nick from Smokes and debut these live sessions!

Tune in tonight and get stoked for Thursday- an extra special episode hosted by Program Director Andrew Wixq and Production Director Patrick McDowall! All of this and more at 6pm on Champions of the Local Scene!