Canadian News

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Sadly, we are going to begin with more Unsexy War blogging. This was the Canadian news focus on my radio show this morning. Starting with: the casket carrying the latest Canadian soldier to die in the Afghanistan mission, Pte. Kevin McKay, 24, who was originally from Richmond Hill, Ont., arrived at CFB Trenton, Ont., on Sunday afternoon. Rest in peace.

Something that's altogether galling in all of this, certainly from a Canadian perspective is that for all the sacrifice in blood and treasure, NATO Commander General Stanley McChrystal admitted on the weekend that as far as the war in Afghanistan goes, "Nobody is winning." And just to emphasize the futility of the NATO efforts in Afghanistan, read this May 15 news roundup of insurgent fighting taking place all over Afghanistan in the space of a couple of days.

Moving on, Canadian like Michaëlle Jean, they want her to remain the GG. Are they politicizing the GG?

Don't you love people whose sole purpose in life is to tell you what to think and will say the most digusting things in defense of their beliefs like, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who said on Saturday, "...abortion can never be justified, even in cases where a woman has been raped." Words fail.

When it comes to deficits and spending, Conservatives are only capable of singing the same note over and over again: Stephen Harper is urging world leaders to issue clear deficit-cutting plans...

Instead, why not something as simple as pay as you go policies? Like those instituted by the Clinton administration in the 90's that led to budget surplusses and forecast surplusses over the following ten years of more than 5 trillion dollars. All that of course was pissed away by GWB the lesser, with massive taxcuts for the rich and two wars. The idea is a simple one, try not incur any more debt and don't take much needed capital out of an already strained economic sytem. It's what most households do when things get tight, then when they're flush again you work on paying down debts as happened in the aforementioned 90's in the US.