Campuses to reopen on Feb. 8, Pornhub testifies to federal ethics committee

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories by: Luca Caruso Moro


Campuses to reopen on Feb. 8

Some university students will return to campus in the coming days, as daily COVID-19 cases continue to trend downwards.

On Thursday, the province announced new rules for on-campus learning, which is set to resume on Feb. 8. 

Some studio and technical courses were already open for in-person attendance. 

Thursday’s announcement opened the door for students in theory classes as well. 

Students who wish to return should have the opportunity to do so at least once a week, according to Higher Education Minister Danielle McCann.

Masks will be required everywhere, and class capacity will be capped at 50 per cent. 

The province says it’s up to schools to decide which students will return and when. 


Pornhub testifies to federal ethics committee

MindGeek executives appeared before the federal ethics committee on Friday to face allegations of child pornography being hosted on their flagship platform, Pornhub. 

The Montreal company has recently initiated several new safety measures after several allegations have come forward from people claiming they had images of themselves posted to the site without their consent. 

One young woman delivered her testimony on Monday, alleging it took weeks for a video of her in 7th grade to be taken down by the company. 

One MindGeek representative told lawmakers he believes that under the new measures, Pornhub is, quote, “the safest adult platform in the world.”