Calls to increase testing, BLM painting downtown, BLM painting downtown

Hadassah Alencar

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Calls to increase testing 

Montreal public health officials are calling for more testing.

This after a spike in positive cases as bars open their doors across the city.

The provincial target is 14000 tests every day. But Quebec has fallen short in recent weeks. 

BLM painting downtown

Paint hit St. Catherine street this week. 

With a large Black Lives Matter mural stretching a whole city block, between St. Hubert and St. Andree.

Artists came together to paint the road in both English and French.

This artist goes by the name AXL, they say it’s one good step, in a marathon to equality under the law. 

“We can use this as a tool of pressure,” they said. “Not just this mural, there’s going to need to be a lot more tools.”

Floyd family launches civil lawsuit against Minneapolis

George Floyds family filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis on Wednesday, as well as the four police officers arrested for Floyd’s death.

His family says the police violated his rights when they restrained him. 

The four officers are awaiting trial on charges of murder.