Bring Me The Horizon @ Stade Uniprix, March 17th, 2017

The evening started off slow with myself making my way to the venue, feeling really excited. Since the Stade Uniprix is a fairly new place, I had no expectations on how it was going to be; how big it was or how many people it could hold. Getting off at De Castelnau metro station, I noticed people were looking for the way to get to the venue, and I just followed the crowd. As soon as I saw the stadium, a huge line had already started since doors had opened and it was endless. I was thinking to myself, “holy cow, this is gonna be huge.

After waiting to get inside, I quickly managed to get to where the show was happening. I did not know where to go since it was a new venue and all, but I soon managed to find the stage where Beartooth were setting up; it was a small stage, but the room had the capacity to hold lots and lots of people.


I really liked Beartooth as a opener—despite not seeing them at Heavy MTL last year, I had the chance to check them out this time. They have unique style of play, core grooves and really heavy breakdowns. I liked the chemistry the band had on stage between each and every band member; they were all interacting with one another and going crazy.

Their was quite a handful of mosh pits, but luckily I didn’t get stuck in them, or else I would have been destroyed! I myself don’t like mosh pits since I could easily get hurt. Just picture a really short dude getting into a mosh, it won’t be a pretty sight.

I also noticed very similar elements to A Day To Remember’s music, which they had in the song called “In Between,” one of my favourites from their set as well as “Body Bag.” Needless to say, I was really impressed on how much the crowd was into singing the choruses and melody, which completely blew my mind.


Sadly, this was one of  the worst and boring performances I have seen. All of Underoath's songs sounded the same, and did not have any core value, or remembrance of any kind whatsoever. Even though that I really liked how all the guys were on stage, I really just didn't like their music.

Bring Me The Horizon

After waiting, we were all finally here to see the main act: Bring Me The Horizon. Opening up the show with a sleek visual of shattered glass, the booming bass filled the room, you could feel it through your body.

The band kicked into “Happy Song,” which was surprisingly a lot better live than I expected it to be, hearing a bunch of screams from the crowd everyone started to sing, “S-P-I-R-I-T  SPIRIT, LET’S HEAR IT!

The mosh and chaos ensued, and I have to say, this was one of the most intense moshes of my entire life. During the whole show, everyone was singing along with the chorus of every song; at every line, you could hear everyone over Oliver Sykes’ vocals. Though his vocals were fine in terms of levels, the magic came from the crowd that gave me chills down my spine.

Bring Me The Horizon has been around since 2004, with numerous changes in styles from the deathcore of their debut to more poppy sounding recent tracks. It really shows how much they've evolved over the years with the music in their catalogue. One of the newer releases being Sempiternal, which is their heaviest album and best album to date, prior to That's The Spirit, was showcased a lot during the concert.

There was also a nice visual in the background which went along with the music, and I thought that was a little nice touch; it added more to their set and what they had in their background. They also had a killer light show!

During “Chelsea's Smile,” there was about four to six circle pits happening around me, and a wall of death that was so huge we were pushed to the side almost near the wall!  I nearly almost died in the mosh pit because of how people were squeezing and shoving each other. It was so intense, I really needed a shower after the show and it was the best shower I have ever taken.

Highlight performances include “Shadow Moses” and its insane amount of crazy energy, as both the band and the crowd blew me out of the water completely, shouting “THIS IS SEMPITERNAL!” Another hit was  “Antivist,” for the overwhelming amount of things that were going on. I myself was so into it, I got into a place where I thought, “oh my god I am gonna die!” Luckily, I survived all that madness. Other favourite performances were “Avalanche,” “Drown,” “Doomed,” “Sleepwalking,” and “The House Of Wolves.”

Overall, the concert was amazing. I loved how much all the bands interacted a lot with the crowd and that had a TON of energy on stage, save for Underoath. If I were able to see the same tour again for another night, I totally would.