Boys wear shirts in protest, Montreal hires an anti-racism watchdog, The Parti Quebecois has a new leader

Reporter: Shanellie Marie 

Stories by: Luca Caruso Moro



Boys wear shirts in protest

Boys across the city have been wearing skirts to school in protest. 

CBC News reports participating students say they’re trying to call attention to double standards in highschool dress codes. 

Many highschools have rules that skirts can be no more than 10 cm above the knee, but there’s no such rule for male uniforms. 


Montreal hires an anti-racism watchdog

Montreal has hired an anti-racism commissioner following the recommendations in a report from the city’s consultation office. 

The report says large changes are needed to combat systemic racism within municipal departments.


The Parti has a new leader

The Parti Quebecois has a new leader.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has replaced interim leader Pascal Bérubé, beating three other candidates with 56 per cent of the votes in the third ballot. 

Plamondon is a lawyer, graduating from McGill law.

He says he hopes to bring more young voters to the sovereigntist party.