Bill 21 passed. Plastics ban anxiety, More protests in Hong Kong

Luca Caruso-Moro





Quebec has passed the controversial Bill 21, also known as the Secularism Bill.

The bill passed by a vote with two thirds in favour after the CAQ used parliamentary powers to rush the vote without a standard debate.

New employees in government and public sector jobs will now be barred from wearing any sort of religious garments on the job.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU “I’m very happy to announce that as early as 2021, Canada will ban single-use plastics from coast to cost to coast.”

That’s Justin Trudeau announcing a ban on single use plastics by 2021.

Now, First nations leaders and community members across the country are expressing uneasiness.

Over 100 communities are under boil water advisories, meaning the water coming out of their taps isn’t safe to drink.

Instead, many of those communities rely on water bottles, which are traditionally made out of single use plastic.

Indigenous Services Canada said in a press release any changes in plastic laws will take First Nations communities into account.


Protestors have gathered again in Hong Kong to call for the resignation of city leader Carrie Lam over the controversial Extradition Bill.

The now suspended bill would’ve allowed people facing trial in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China, a move that many saw as a blow to Hong Kong’s sovereignty

Protesters wearing masks and hardhats have rejected an apology from Lam, demanding she also address what some call an excessive use of force by police at previous demonstrations.