Beat The World: Interview with Little Lab about Samedis Internationaux : NOUVELLE-ORLÉANS | 5 septembre: NOON

Coming up tomorrow on Beat The World, we will be talking to Aristote Simonini of Little Lab, organizer of Village au Pied-du-Courant's Samedis Internationaux : NOUVELLE-ORLÉANS | 5 septembre! This event is happening from 3pm to 11:30, so Aristote will be phoning in from the site to tell us all to get down there! There will be Cajun BBQ and sweet beats by Unlog DJs Noyl, Famelik, Frisco Fog and Engone Endong; as well as Vinyl Love, Jitterbug Swing, Tshizimba, and Brassmob! This event is free and the perfect way to spend the first Saturday of September- celebrating New Orleans culture in Montreal. Tune into Beat The World to hear more info and the best music from around the globe, every Saturday Noon to 2pm!