Beach House - Bloom

"Bloom", the fourth full-length album by Beach House is a beautiful yet slightly monotonous album. I had heard the album's first single, "Myth" when the duo released it on March 7th and fell in love all over again. With their dreamy, trademark keyboards and Victoria Legrand’s androgynous vocals, the full album didn’t fail to disappoint. It was finally released May 15th via Sub Pop – perfect timing for watching the ivy grow while porch sitting these past warm Montreal nights. Legrand effortlessly creates a vocal tone that is at once joyful and sombre, weaving together a mood of contentment that is tinged with what feels like regret.When listening to Bloom in its entirety, I find that it’s easy to mistake one song for another. The duo’s intention was to make a record that was meant to be listened to as an album and each track blends together seamlessly. While this makes for a lovely listening experience, if you’re looking for variety you’re not going to find it with this record. Upon hearing “Other People” for the first time I could have sworn that I was listening to “Myth” again and felt a tinge of annoyance. However, once the chorus came in I really started to enjoy the song. That is the secret behind Bloom – Beach House was able to produce an album that seems like one hour long song, yet each track has a slight difference that once you hear it, you will want to listen to it over and over again.