Audio Documentaries: Bicycles Against Poverty & Finding Diana

Tune into CJLO 1690AM this Thursday, July 27th at 11 AM to hear two audio documentaries produced by Travis Sandeson, who is working as a communications director for CEED Concordia this summer.

CEED is a non-profit organization based in both Montreal and Gulu, Uganda, which views youth as the change agents in their communities.

Each year, an equal number of students from Concordia University and various universities from around Uganda meet in Gulu to develop and work on projects that aim to benefit those involved as well as those in Gulu.

Travis has produced both written material as well as radio documentaries that reflects his experiences with the people of Uganda.

Bicycles Against Poverty

Bicycles Against Poverty is a Gulu-based social enterprise that seeks to make affordable transportation available to small, farmer-run cooperatives in northern Uganda. Travis spent a day with them when they made a bicycle delivery to a small village called Lalogi, approximately 40 kilometres southeast of Gulu.

Finding Diana

In Uganda, a popular form of public transport is the "boda boda." These are basically motorbikes and riders who pick up and drop off people much the same as taxi would, but a lot less expensive. It is a common industry all over the country. What is uncommon is a woman doing it, and in this case why she's doing it. This is the story of Diana.

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