Attempts To Save NDG Community Store, Bad Flu Season, Protests In Iran Over The Military's Involvement In Plane Crash

Ahmad Moujtahed




The community gathering space Coop La Maison Verte in Montreal’s NDG might have to shut its doors after being opened for the last 20 years.

The cooperative that offers environmental products and workshops is struggling financially. Members say they are running out of resources and new ideas to save the store.  

A general assembly meeting will take place on January 16th to explore options and share new ideas. The goal is to relaunch the store based on the community's current needs.



More than 90,000 cases of the flu have been reported in Canada since mid-December. This marks a significant increase in influenza outbreaks, according to The Public Health Agency of Canada.

There has also been at least 10 flu-related deaths across the country.  A student in Winnipeg has died due to influenza complications, while two deaths have been reported in New Brunswick.

Health officials are reminding people to get flu vaccinations as they are the best defence against influenza.



Violent protests spread across Iran, as evidence pointed to the involvement of the Iranian military in connection with the downing of flight 752.

 Protestors expressed shock and outrage over the plane crash that happened a week ago. They also denounced the misleading statements from top officials, who only admitted responsibility three days later.

In an attempt to regain the trust of citizens, Iranian officials said a special court will be set up, and those responsible for the missile strike will be punished.